Our Mission

To partner with people who are willing to make positive life change.

“In less than a year since I graduated from the Hope at Work Program, I moved from part-time to full-time at my kitchen job. From there I became the kitchen manager. I moved out into an apartment with friends. And, I am running the setup team for the ministry that started me on this track.”


MyThe past 4+ years of volunteering at the HOPE Center has been so inspiring to me personally. It’s so heartwarming to see people that just need a hand up have blossomed in so many ways. I feel my life has grown along with theirs.


The Hope Center is a place where struggling hearts meet HOPE. It provides a safe positive environment where people in recovery can learn professional life skills and get on the job training. The staff are faith-filled, dedicated people who work hard to make the thrift store and the training program successful. Hope Center staff set the bar high to help candidates set and achieve personal and professional goals. The Hope Center provides candidates with people who have faith in you…when you’ve lost faith in yourself.